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The VIP Experience

The traditional Private Sales Event has evolved and improved.

Need a sales boost? Want to increase the volume of qualified appointments back into your dealership? Feel that your sales team would benefit from the best coaching in both the art of outbound calling and online selling skills? Then tune in!

Our VIP Experience Program allows you to sell vehicles without your customers spending ANY time in the showroom.

Based on the key principals from our traditional Private Sales event. The new VIP experience programs now give you a choice of either a contactless or onsite event, whilst still achieving the main benefits the previous 5-day event produced.

The Contactless VIP Experience?

This complete online/virtual experience will allow your team to “interact” with a portion of your existing customers, enticing them with an attractive offer then moving them into our virtual sales process, culminating in the sale.

We have adapted our successful sales event model to accommodate the current COVID-19 restrictions. This unique experience will last for 5 days, with no separation between the appointment setting and an event day.  Complete transparency guaranteed.

Our new and innovative and cost-effective online program permits you to still maximise your team’s appointment-setting abilities.

 Be coached by the best in the industry and maximise your customers’ experience.

Appraisals and finance options are all completed online. With no specific separation from the outbound calls, appointment setting and the eventual sale, the program duration is for 5 days.

Our web-based system combines the power and reliability of a VoIP phone systems with GoToMeeting's web, audio and video conferencing into one simple, reliable and flexible solution. The sales team can “meet”, talk, chat and collaborate seamlessly through a single application, keeping them productive and frustration-free.

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  • Targeted digital marketing - MEC and SMS
  • Targeted database criteria
  • Longer period to make calls
  • Control – know the mood of your customer
  • Best skill learning –
  • Skills coaching in outbound calls and sales skills
  • Process-driven almost predictable results


  • Reach with a reason is specific
  • Reason for the call and appointment
  • Treated to an amazing experience with real savings
  • Quick sales boost
  • Ability to try newly learnt skills right away
  • The best learning environment for managers and their teams
  • Structured approach, ROI is understood

The whole process has a client appreciation and high-touch feeling for the customer. Typical results are a week’s worth of sales volume in one day.

The Onsite VIP Experience?

Ready to scale your business, secure record-breaking appointments and close sales quickly? Want to deliver a high-quality experience with huge customer engagement? Does the prospect of outsourcing your entire dealership sales event sound like a dream come true? Then this program is for you.

With our VIP Experience, we’ll run a seamless sales event and take care of all the finer details for you. No hassle. No stress. Just success!

What’s more, we’ll provide expert coaching to your sales team to help ensure your sales event is a smash hit.

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  • Full-house service
  • 4-5-day experience
  • Starts with 2-3 days of outbound calling and appointment setting
  • Culminates with a 1 or 2-day showroom activation experience
  • Use of our state-of-the-art phone tracking system
  • Full digital communication package
  • On-site support for the entire event.


  • Immediate ROI and incremental sales volume
  • Intense coaching to boost sales staff productivity
  • Boost sales staff morale and keep them motivated to achieve results.

What are the benefits?

It allows you to take control and drive your sales results even higher, or to catch up on your sales targets, reduce your stock holding while not diminishing your brand values. Excite your sales teams, as they will be producing their best day’s sales results, through their efforts. An achievement they never thought possible until they have completed our sales event.

Huge momentum in sales in the weeks following…

DTS Sales Event Mentor

Happy to run your own dealership sales event but just need a little expert guidance? Why not use our dealership sales event consultancy service?

We’ll offer expert advice about best practice strategies to ensure your dealership sales event goes off with a BANG! Draw on years of industry experience and maximise this opportunity.

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  • Build the framework for a successful sales event
  • Expert advice that is tried and tested
  • Purify your database to generate effective offers and on-site activation
  • Use us as an additional resource to free up your managers
  • Have us assist with closing deals on-site during the sales event
  • Ensure the best possible result for your event.


  • Lower investment
  • Valuable resource to minimise failure and ensure success
  • Best practise tools

What will you get out of it?

"Selling is the highest paid hard work, the lowest paid easy work."

We not only provide a high return on investment sale event; we tune up the sales skills of your people in the process. This training goes beyond the event and phone skills.  We want to leave your team stronger so that they can perform at a higher level beyond the sale event