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The Appointment
Drive 2.0

Looking to turbocharge your dealership’s appointment numbers? Want to get more foot traffic through your showroom? This program is for you!

The Appointment Drive 2.0 will help steer or enhance any sales campaign. No matter what is happening externally, take confidence in the fact that we will be supporting you by setting up your appointments no matter the skills levels of your sales team.

What’s included:

  • Campaign Design, with innovative digital communication
  • Continuous connect calling service (up to 500 contacts)
  • Multi-touch digital marketing – EDM and mobile
  • SMS appointment reminders
  • Custom designed micro-site
  • Post-event follow-up and detailed reporting
  • The event duration can be from the traditional 2 days, or we can extend it a two week period. 

Our Appointment Drive Program 2.0 will help steer your sales team towards success when it comes to prospecting. How? With a structured plan to deliver measurable results.

Best of all there’s no need for an onsite visit – everything is completed virtually and off-site!



  • Increase showroom traffic
  • Set more appointments for the short and medium-term
  • Improve your current appointment totals
  • We’ll send out the invitations
  • We’ll make the calls
  • We’ll set the appointments
  • 100% off-site


  • Securing more appointments for short and medium-term
  • Appointment sells cars
  • Consistent appointment schedule
  • Increase showroom traffic
  • Fewer interruptions and work at their own pace
  • You only pay when the appointment shows up! 
  • Peace of mind

You cannot rely on showroom traffic, boost your Lead Generation through Appointments...

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