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The Appointment

Looking to turbocharge your dealership’s appointment numbers? Want to get more foot traffic through your showroom? This program is for you! Our Appointment Drive Program will help steer your sales team towards success when it comes to prospecting. How? With a structured plan to deliver measurable results. This innovative web-based phone system will ensure your sales team are more proactive about outbound calls. We’ll measure their progress and hold them accountable. We can also "listen in" to calls and provide live coaching during the sales process.

That’s not all – we’ll purify and prepare your database and set up support systems, with handy tools that will help your sales team along the way. DTS can also help increase your call volume (reach) if need be, by using our experts too.

Best of all there’s no need for an onsite visit – everything is completed virtually and off-site!


  • Increase showroom traffic
  • Set more appointments for the short and medium-term
  • Improve your current appointment totals
  • Be coached by experts
  • Turn your sales team into masters on the phone
  • Take control of the sales process!


  • Securing more appointments for short and medium-term
  • Appointment sells cars
  • Consistent appointment schedule
  • Increase showroom traffic
  • Fewer interruptions and work at their own pace

You cannot rely on showroom traffic, boost your Lead Generation through Appointments...

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