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"The HFH Auto Group has been in partnership with Andrew and the team at DTS for over 3 years now.
Prior to meeting Andrew, we would create our December & June sales events in-house, however, the program Andrew offered we couldn’t resist and after the first event, our dealerships saw a huge advantage to DTS running our events. Not only did our staff enjoy and thrive having the DTS Support, but we also felt our guests had a much more enjoyable experience.

From the start of the planning to the last deal done, we had Andrew and his support to help us through.

Even with 2020 being very usual for business Andrew as always proved that if you look outside the box to anything is achievable!"

Kursti Dunn – Marketing Manager, HFH Auto Group (June 2020)

"We are always looking for innovative ways to change and challenge the norm and when it comes to ‘Sales Events’ it would be fair to say that we have tried and done it all (or so we thought) until I met Andrew and his team at DTS.

 What DTS offered was a fresh approach that focused not only on marketing to the right audience but more importantly was their focus on appointment setting by our sales teams. As a consequence, Andrew and his team were able to work very closely with my management and sales team to increase the number of quality of appointments that often turned into sales during our event allowing our management team more time to focus on converting our inquiries at a much higher rate than we had in the past.

 When speaking to others about DTS I sometimes get responses such as – “we do all that ourselves” which is what I thought as well. The fact is that Andrew specialises in this space and without him and his team’s input, our ‘Sales Events’ simply would not be as successful.

 I have been using DTS’s services for approximately 5 years now and will continue to do so into the future………."

 John Roca - Dealer Principal, Sydney City Toyota and Lexus (June 2020)

"We were looking for an opportunity to generate new vehicle sales in a more targeted way without the high cost of direct mail. Contacting our current guests who know who we are and the service we offer made the sales process so much easier. Initially, it was the partnership DTS had with Toyota Australia, however after our first sale and subsequent 4 sales since, it is the relationship and energy that Andrew has with the sales team that keeps the partnership between us and DTS strong. Getting the process of appointing guests in the days leading up to the sale is key. That is where all the heavy lifting is done, therefore making the actual sale day quite simple. Process, energy, process, energy, process, energy……This is Andrew!!"

Ray Parsons - General Manager, Melton Toyota (June 2020)


“Andrew and the DTS team were referred to us by manufactures BDM to help boost our sales. I must admit that we were extremely nervous as we had never participated any a “main event” sales program before and we didn’t want to bombard and burn our customers. The DTS team were extremely professional and were not over the top at all. They listen to us when we described our demographic and adjusted their process to suit. The week of setting up was an experience like no other. The training the staff received was incredible and you could see their confidence levels grow with each day. On the first day of the sale, we had a 90% attendance rate with 70% strike rate for sales, which certainly exceeded our expectations. Overall, the sale was a HUGE success for not only sales but training and team building and I would, and have, highly recommend them again.”

Darren Robbie - Dealer Principal, The Big Garage, Bairnsdale (June 2020)


“As I mentioned Rob was a ripper, would be very happy to work with him again so we will chat at some stage next year to organise our next one. I think providing we still have the same team, the insights you mentioned are spot on and we can work on their strengths and weaknesses for a better result. Have a great Christmas also and we look forward to working with you guys again” 

Richard Opie - Dealer Principal, Bendigo Mazda (December 2019)


"I regard Andrew Myers as one of my mentors who help me, support me and guide me through my life. I met Andrew in the second month of my cadetship. At that time, I even cannot properly pronounce the name of my dealership, as English is my second language.

Andrew Myers selflessly shared me with his experience and knowledge, such as phone skills, ‘Now to commitment process’, which significantly improve my closing ratio. He can always accurately identify the weakness of my skill sets, address problems, and find out the solutions for me. Under his guidance, I progressed from a junior sales consultant who sold 10 + cars per month, to a One Touch Advisor who not only can sell 20 + cars but also handle F&I application and inquiries.

As a young one-touch advisor, I have a long way to go in the automotive industry, it is too early to talk about the success. But I just want to share my genuine experience with those people who also desire for success, Andrew Myers is the right person to talk with. His skills, knowledge, and experience have already changed my life, will also change yours!"

William Fu I One Touch Advisor, Lexus Of Berwick (June 2020)

“I was introduced to DTS from our Dealer Principal who had used DTS before. I have always used another Sales Event Management Team so I was a little reluctant to change. Once I met Andrew and understood his business model it was clear to see his passion is making others and business grow. Andrew showed his commitment to our sales events by physically taking and making phone calls himself to drive in leads and book in appointments. His is truly is boots on the ground and with the troops consultant. With proven results and DTS consistently beating their previous sales records with our business it is hard not to use them over and over again. Andrew and DTS are my go-to for sales results.  Just meet Andrew and his team before you make any judgments on changing a sales team provider. DTS is not pushy and will not want to break any previous business relationships. What they will do however is drive-in results, build future business relationships, and take the extra mile and step to ensure that your experience was just and positive and your customers.”

Shaneet Akhil - Group Marketing Manager, ULR | Melbourne City Jaguar Land Rover (July 2020)

“We wanted to kick start our first quarter as we always struggled with it compared with the rest of the year so we decided to host a “Sales Event’. We were referred to DTS by another dealer who had used them and had gotten a great result. 

The whole event from beginning to the end was faultless and having a representative here with us to help coach the sales team and set up the event contributed to our success during the event. Not only did we surpass our expectation for the sale, we also set up our first quarter and ensured that we would be ahead of our factory target for the rest of the year. 

If you’re looking for a professional team to help you run your sales event, train and coach your staff as well as ensure you get a fantastic result I highly recommend DTS.”

Mikkel Litonjua - Sales Manager, Lexus of Canberra (July 2020)