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The Activity Tracker

Let’s face it. Showroom floor traffic is declining. The reason? Nowadays people are spending more time online and visiting fewer dealerships before they decide what to buy and where.

Now more than ever, it’s important to have an accurate traffic or opportunity count. You need a clear view of what each sales consultant’s opportunity pipeline looks like – who they are seeing, what they are doing to close the sale, every step of the way.

Dealerships often rely heavily on their Dealer Management System (DMS) to provide them with this information, but we offer a more effective solution.

Introducing the
DTS Activity Tracker

DTS Activity Tracker is an Australian-designed and developed activity tracking software program that will help you maximize every opportunity! Its intuitive design and ability to work off all platforms (i.e. smartphone / tablet and the computer) enable the user to capture and nurture all their active opportunities, no matter where they might be.

With its cutting-edge design and ease of use, DTS Activity Tracker allows the user to go paperless. From the initial ‘hello’ to the final ‘thank you for the business’, no paper will be required. This is achieved with our industry-first feature, ‘Quick Capture’.

The flexibility of our system allows users to upload their customers’ details to their Dealer Management System once they have turned their opportunities into customers. DTS Cloud can tweak the program to satisfy the individual demands of each dealership.


  • The ability to maximize every opportunity
  • Improve closing ratios
  • Sell more cars
  • A clear view of what you are working on and the potential to close that month
  • Improved employee satisfaction
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Reports are intuitive and effective, and range from:

  • Activity Dashboard - history on each opportunity and sales statistics by the salesperson.
  • Daily and weekly follow-ups
  • Activity statistics on each step of the selling cycle
  • Hot leads
  • Start and end-of-day activities (to determine how active each salesperson has been during the day).
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Source information – what brought them into the dealership?

The DTS Activity Tracker will give that advantage you desire. It will help your sales team capture more opportunities, progress more of them through the sales process, and in doing so close more sales. This is all achieved with its intuitive design, ease of use and fantastic reporting functionality.

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