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The DTS Coaching

With over 28 years of automotive experience behind us, DTS has solidified our reputation as industry leaders in sales events and coaching. We have developed a proven toolbox of business processes that will improve your profits through a strategic partnership.

It goes beyond traditional training by engaging indirect and more effective means of achieving better. We identify the right factors to be developed in the right order, so that goal-focused performance increases and profits improve.

Managers Mentor Program

We all need help from time to time. Coming out of the COVID-19 period will require strong leadership to get your teams performing at their very best.  If your sales teams are not achieving their sales targets and profitability, here’s how to get them back on track – with our Managers’ Mentor Program.

Manager roles in today's dealerships have been flipped and are now spending more time on admin duties i.e. reporting and planning and less time with their sales teams. DTS recognises this. Our coaching program will help in the two most important areas of development:

  • Your teams’ skills – are they maximizing every opportunity?
  • Your teams’ activities – are they doing enough to attract their targeted opportunities?

We offer a full 360-degree service, which includes live online training, webinars, accountability sessions, and measuring all aspects to ensure the results are trending in the right direction. We do recommend taking the medium to long term approach as you are changing your teams' behaviours.

This program integrates well with our VIP Experience products. DTS will help you create a sustainable high-performance culture, with a coordinated effort towards exceeding both your sales volumes and profitability targets.

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Services & Areas of focus

  • Full assessment – to determine focus areas
  • Develop a detailed scope of work and proposal
  • 30-day accountability sessions
  • 24/7 personal business consult
  • Scale your sales teams’ performance up
  • Track and understand their performance numbers
  • Coaching techniques
  • On-site coaching (if applicable)
  • 6-12-month programs
  • Webinars – 1 per month – topics will be based on needs and demand


  • Creating a high-performance culture
  • Co-ordinated effort towards your sales volumes and profitability
  • Reduce sales consultant turnover
  • Improved earning potential

The Lead Generator

Increase your sales opportunities and gain a consistent flow of opportunities into your sales funnel with our Lead Generator Program!

Timing is critically important to scale your sales performances up to pre-COVID-19 levels or better. This is a program specifically designed to achieve this in terms of both the quality and quantity of sales leads, in the shortest possible time.

The focus? To supercharge your sales teams and motivate them to be proactive with their lead generation plans.

DTS will review each month’s effort and expenditure to ensure you are getting the best return on your investment. With monthly accountability sessions and planning, your team will be working smarter, not harder.


  • Fast track your sales recovery post-COVID-19
  • Proven strategies to reach sales targets
  • Implement strategies for continuous improvement
  • Ensure your sales efforts deliver an optimal return on investment.


  • Fast track your sales recovery
  • Proven strategy towards your sales targets
  • Motivated staff
  • Sustainable process – all about continuous improvement
  • Best ROI

The DTS Difference

  • No guesswork – the numbers track the journey to improvement
  • Structured approach in the medium and long term
  • Coaching focus on the individuals – working on their specific needs
  • Link and include your current OEM training programs both past and present
  • Managers included - they need to coach the other 30 days DTS aren’t with you.
  • Word tracts – we show and don’t just tell.