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Research has shown that coaching can bring a return of  5.2x  on investment. Adding to this dealerships that consistently invest in  employee development, outperformed their direct competitors by 17-35%


The focus is with both Management and their teams , to steadily and systematically help them improve their teams’ performances.

This is an area often misunderstood, once mastered returns incredible results.



At DTS we feel that the current OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) training provided is simply not enough to ensure that your sales team thrive and grow in our ever-challenging Motor Industry.

Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. Undertaking coaching you can also expect a noticeable improvement in productivity and satisfaction in work-life balance with the attainment of relevant goals. Professional coaching maximises potential and, therefore, builds self-confidence for employees to face daily challenges, and continual pressure to achieve targets.


We have two options available:

a. On-site – direct 1:1 session (for all departments)

b. Cyber Coaching – telephonic or online


We eliminate the guess work when it comes to understanding your needs and making recommendations. We follow a proven three-step strategy:

  • Step 1 – We assess your department. (Needs analysis) Which includes your customer reviews on social media sites. This takes out the guesswork.

              a. Review previous (and upcoming) OEM training and ensure there is continuation and skills improvement. Help link the altogether.

  • Step 2 – We collate our finding and from this proposed/ prepare/develop a coaching plan
  • Step 3 – We Create programs specific to your needs, (no cookie cutter approach)


We measure what matters. The state-of-the-art tracking system enables us to pin point each sales persons strengths and weaknesses within the sales process.

  • All DTS Trainers are responsible to request and review all relevant information about the Dealer in order to provide the most effective coaching!

    o   Floor traffic reports / Sales tracking data

    o   Daily operating reports

    o   Mystery Shops / Outstanding Audit Action Items

    o   Prior action items and execution timelines

    o   Performance Analysis

  • Once you have reviewed the dealer’s performance information DTS will call the CEO/GM directly for discussion, agenda finalisation and approval.

  • The DTS trainer fills in and submits the Agenda DTS will review and forward final Agenda to the trainer and Dealer.

  • Dealer will be asked to distribute agenda to all participating staff to ensure proper planning and attendance.

  • Notes are taken throughout the day on the same format as the agenda planner.
  • 1:1 session is recommended for each sales person. Plus, a Managers brief overview of the day, including session objectives.
  • The Wrap-up is a critical part of the training day and the involvement from all managers is essential to clear communication and follow-through plans.

         o   The notes from the day form the basis of the wrap-up and action items are set and delegated to individuals.

  • This recap clearly outlines actions for all individuals and sets them on a timeline with agreed follow-up call, date and time.

  • Request for next scheduled coaching visit is discussed.

    The DTS Difference

    • Unique Sales tracking software – An Australian first
    • No guess work – the numbers track the journey to improvement
    • Structured approach in the medium and long term
    • Coaching focus on the individuals – working on their specific needs
    • Link and include your current OEM training programs both past and present
    • Managers included - they need to coach the other 30 days DTS aren’t with you
    • Word tracts – we show and don’t just tell.


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