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Are you harnessing the power of outbound calls?

Posted By Andrew Myers  
09:38 AM

How many outbound calls are your dealership sales staff making per day? If the number is less than 10 or you don’t know the answer, it’s time to make a change.

When it comes to developing relationships with prospects and turning leads into sales, nothing is as effective as one-on-one human contact. Emails can be overlooked. Social media adverts can be scrolled past, but it’s difficult to ignore a warm voice on the other end of the phone line. The truth is that human interaction is so much more powerful than any other form of marketing.

So, how do you come up with an effective outbound call strategy? Here are some tips.


Tip #1: Set goals, deliverables and KPIs

 Imagine trying to cross a wobbly bridge without a handrail. Your chances of getting to the other side unscathed would be minimal. The same analogy applies for sales staff who have no goals or key performance indicators.

As their manager, you need to set clear guidelines as to what’s expected of them (i.e. how many appointments they need to make), and by when. This will help them remain laser-focused and on track.


Tip #2: Specify the expected call volume

We all know sales is a numbers game, so at a bare minimum we recommend sales staff make at least 10 fresh prospecting calls per day. That’s 200 a month.

If they have a 10% success ratio, that’s 20 appointments booked. Let’s say 50% show up, and of those 10 appointments kept, 5 vehicles are sold. All of a sudden, your sales figures are starting to look up.


Tip #3: Evaluate and review their progress

It’s easy for sales staff to slack off if they think nobody is watching. That’s why it’s so important for you to regularly evaluate their performance.

At a minimum, it’s a good idea to review:

  • The average time of each call? Are they getting cut off early into the conversation and if such, do they need support in dealing with objections? Or perhaps they’re spending too long on average on each call? In this case, they may need further coaching around the product or services your dealership offers.
  • Their conversion rate? What is their number of sales, relative to the total number of outbound calls? If their conversion rate is low, they may benefit from sales coaching.


Tip #4: Arm your sales staff with resources

Are your sales staff going in blind when making outbound calls? Or do they have scripts and other resources at their disposal?

Let’s face it, making a sales call can be stressful, even for seasoned salespeople, but it doesn’t have to be. Having a script on hand can help alleviate the anxiety and help your sales staff to feel confident in their sales delivery. It also means your outbound sales strategy will be consistent across the board.

Don’t get us wrong, the last thing you want is for sales staff to sound like robots, but a rough script can be a handy tool. The key is to present the script is a way that is conversational and open to elaboration by the sales staff member, so they can sound natural. Remember to include replies to potential objections.


Tip #5: Tell your sales staff to be prepared

When making an outbound call, knowing as much as possible about the prospect beforehand will help your salesperson tremendously. Customising the call to the individual’s needs will improve the sales member’s chances of making a meaningful connection.

When did the prospect last purchase? When are they due for an upgrade? What kind of vehicle might they be interested in?

Optimally, this kind of information should be stored safely in your dealership’s database. If you need help in this area, please reach out. We can purify and refine your database and help get you back on track.


Need assistance?

Like anything, selling is a learned art. And in order to be good at it, sales staff need coaching to understand how to close sales effectively.

That’s where we come in. At DTS Experience, we offer a range of coaching services via the

DTS Coaching Academy to support your sales staff and empower them to be the best they can be. To find out more, please get in touch!


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