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How to identify genuine customers and close the sale

Posted By Andrew Myers,
09/12/2020 08:00 AM
  When you’re dealing with a prospective client, the key question you need to figure out is – if this person actually going to buy? As a salesperson, it can be extremely frustrating when you put...

Are you harnessing the power of outbound calls?

Posted By Andrew Myers ,
30/10/2020 09:38 AM
How many outbound calls are your dealership sales staff making per day? If the number is less than 10 or you don’t know the answer, it’s time to make a change. When it comes to developing...

3 lessons for dealerships to take away from COVID-19

Posted By Andrew Myers,
25/09/2020 07:31 AM
It’s been a challenging year, but there are some lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic dealerships can take away to be stronger and more resilient. In this article, we touch on a few of them. Adhere to...

3 reasons NOT to wait and see what happens

Posted By Andrew Myers,
10/08/2020 16:00 PM
We are living in unprecedented times. The pandemic has changed the way we live and work, and the impact on businesses has been profound. So, when you’re facing a situation you’ve never encountered...

6 tips to kickstart your dealership’s new financial year sales

Posted By Andrew Myers,
10/07/2020 11:00 AM
We all know how the dealership sales cycle works. April is usually quiet, things pick up towards the end of May and then in June, sales go through the roof to coincide with the EOFY. But what...

DTS celebrates 5 years – with a BANG!

Posted By Andrew Myers,
09/06/2020 11:23 AM
It’s been a crazy few months with the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing. At DTS, we’ve used the time to reassess what we offer and to ask ourselves how we can continue to add value to our...